Quality, trust and success

Göral Yarn, which was founded in 2013 and works with the aim of "customer focused" service concept, quality, trust and success since its establishment, Woven and Tufting Carpet, Car Mats, Bath Mats and Upholstery Sectors with different specifications for 800-6000 dtex BCF yarn is produced.

Göral Yarn About


An infinite infinite filament; BCF, which is the main raw material, is dosed with masterbatch paint to polypropylene and after homogenous mixture is obtained by extrusion method, it is pumped from flat molds into filaments.

The filamentized polypropylene is subjected to a sudden cooling and crystallization of the material is ensured. In the first step, the unstable and flat filament is applied to the fibers by applying blending oil and passing through the hot godetes, the filaments are given strength. 

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